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Good practices



Step 1

Basic information and contact details:

Step 2

Detailed area of the Polpharma Group Supplier Code of Conduct to which the practice is related:

Step 3

1. Description of the implemented practice, including:
• Motivation behind the described actions;
• Adopted objectives;
• Methods for attaining the objectives;
• Implementation level of the adopted objectives;
• Impact of the practice on the organisation of the company;
• Verifiability of the impact of the practice on the company’s business;
• The way the Polpharma Group Supplier Code of Conduct is implemented through the described practice;
• Possibility of transferring the implemented solutions and their application by other organisations, max. (800 characters)

2. The biggest challenges that the company faced when implementing the practice and measures whereby they were resolved (max. 300 characters).

3. The benefits gained by the company thanks to the implementation of the described practice (max. 300 characters).

4. Space for comment from a management representative (max. 400 characters, not compulsory).

Step 4

Additional materials:

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Sustainable Supply Chain ‒ a system of interconnected business activities within a product’s life cycle allowing value creation for all stakeholders, while ensuring commercial success which contributes to the improvement of social wellbeing and the environment. (Source: Business For Social Responsibility ‒ BSR 2007).
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