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Good practices


Submission of good practices

Since our activity is built on ethical foundations, we ensure that our Suppliers meet additional requirements with regard to human rights, employee practices or environmental protection.

Not only do we expect our Suppliers to meet the highest standards, but we also want to take joint measures to propagate best practices with regard to ethics and responsibility.

Please feel free to share your experiences with us and submit information about activities which contribute to meeting the requirements of the Polpharmа Group Supplier Code of Conduct.

The most interesting practices will be published on a cyclical basis.


Good practices of the Polpharma Group

Since the firm began, we have made every possible effort to maintain relations with our employees and external partners in observance of the law and the highest ethical standards. For years, we have also been taking a series of measures towards sustainable development. We encourage you to read about the selected projects implemented by the Polpharmа Group.