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Development of the Ethics Programme and Implementation of the Code of Ethics

The fundamental meaning of ethics for the functioning and sustainable development of the Polpharmа Group is emphasised by the Ethics Programme initiated in 2013. Its comprehensive and effective operation is ensured by five interconnected components.
The key ethical point of reference for all employees of the Polpharmа Group is the Code of Ethics. Nearly 2,000 employees of the Group were involved in its development, which translates into its high integrity: the rules we follow at work are coherent with the system of beliefs of each of us — commonly accepted and observed. Thanks to this, the Code has become our joint commitment to act in accordance with the highest standards in relations with our colleagues, business partners, customers and the business environment in a broad sense. The Code includes our basic principles such as respect for human rights, observing the prohibition on child labour and forced labour, following the rules of fair competition, including ensuring that advertising and promotional activities comply with the law in force, countering corruption and conflicts of interest, and environmental protection. Moreover, the Code of Ethics regulates areas such as the role of superiors in strengthening the desired ethical culture, relations with colleagues and business partners, conduct in ethically dubious situations, and reporting violations.


Development of the Code of Ethics as a part of extensive consultations, with such a high level of involvement of employees, posed a considerable challenge. Nearly 2,000 employees representing different locations of the Polpharmа Group, including the company’s top management, became involved in the works, which lasted more than eighteen months. Works on development of the Code were accompanied by intensive communication and educational activities. In total, nearly 20 meetings were organised with employees in Poland and abroad.


Joint works on the Ethics Programme integrated and strengthened the awareness of our whole team with regard to the role of ethics as the main axiom of sustainable development. The Ethics Programme — including its key document, the Code of Ethics — gives us certainty that everyone within the Polpharmа Group speaks a single ethical language: everyone, regardless of their location and position, makes decisions and choices based on identically interpreted rules. Application of the provisions of the Code of Ethics, the law and internal procedures is additionally supervised by the Compliance Officer, appointed under the Ethics Programme.