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Communication box

The innovative idea of a “communication box” is an expression of concern for ensuring that the packaging of our medicines keeps products safe while simultaneously making it easy for patients and pharmacists to use them. The “box” is a designated, graphically labelled spot on the packaging of selected medicines, intended for placement of the price tag and recommendations regarding medicine administration. This solution — implemented in response to an idea expressed by pharmacists — considerably assists patients, who frequently lose the physician’s instructions written down on loose pieces of paper. Moreover, it supports systematic use of medicines, which is critical for the effectiveness of the therapy.


We were the first pharmaceutical company to choose such a solution. As a consequence, we faced challenges typical for the process of implementing innovations, primarily building a common understanding of the basis for this change by comparing the anticipated costs of the change to its effects, with particular focus on the immeasurable effects, such as improvement of patients’ health as a result of more systematic medicine use.


A convenient and practical solution reminding the patient about the medicine administration cycle makes pharmacotherapy safer. Supporting patients in observing therapeutic recommendations is a part of our mission — the serving of the life and health of patients. Long-term activities to improve the effectiveness of therapy, in particular of chronic diseases, such as the “communication box”, help to make the healthcare service in Poland more efficient (current losses due to failure to follow recommendations are estimated at approximately PLN 6 billion a year). This innovation also makes it easier for pharmacists to work and communicate with patients.