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Green Process

We ensure that our activity involves as little negative impact on the natural environment as possible. One of the examples of the high level of our ecological awareness is the Green Process Declaration. In its 10 points, we list the key rules of continuous optimisation and improvement of the efficiency of technological and ancillary processes in our Group.
We reward and single out employees who prove particularly responsible for the natural environment. “Green Process Awards” are given to individuals whose initiatives and ideas allow for effective improvement of production processes, products or services. Every year, employees submit approximately 15 projects, which are evaluated according to set criteria by key representatives of our company.


Care for the natural environment and countering climate change are a sum of activities — even the smallest ones — each of us undertake. This is why we believe that the largest “eco-challenge” is to develop general awareness of environmental protection issues, which is no simple process in such a large organisation (which employs more than 4 thousand people in Poland alone). The results of educational activities include not only the continuously growing number of submissions for the “Green Process Award”, but also daily responsible choices (regarding waste segregation, saving water and power, “switching” to a bicycle, etc.).
The “Green Process” programme also presents a technological challenge — involving changes in the production and raw material management methods. This aspect of change management is very well developed in our company.


Thanks to employees’ initiatives, we have implemented a number of solutions which include using recycled cardboard for product packaging, recovery of waste from composite packaging, or elimination of hazardous solvents during the active substance manufacturing process.
As a result, we have reduced and saved on the use of:

  • solvents by approximately 230 tonnes annually
  • cardboard in packaging by 91.8 tonnes annually:
    • 1,564 trees annually
    • 23,000,000 litres of water
    • 460,000 kWh of electricity in the paper manufacturing process, and
    • elimination of 18.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere due to transportation that does not take place.

Implementation of ecological solutions also involves financial benefits.